Bienvenue chez moi, au Bled

Bienvenue chez moi, au Bled,

Is an ongoing project about food, agriculture and bled, the land where we come from, our heimat.


This photo series, a video, podcast and cooking performance, are part of the installation and will be exhibited at 'Next generation please' in Bozar.


More information about Back To Bled.

Event at ABC / see below.


Event at ABC-house in August 2021. Exhibition + food performance: 'Plat du Bled': live-streaming with Samba's mom in her kitchen in Senegal, and 'Mitraillette du Bled' creation of the healthy snack 'Mitraillette' with recipes from Nicolas Decloedt, Michelin-star chef from the restaurant Humus + Hortense.


Interview on BRUZZ