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Back To Bled

The podcast: 'Back to Bled' is a contemporary story about the connection between the city and the countryside, starting in multicultural Brussels. The core of the documentary is friction; friction between city and countryside, ecology and economy, healthy versus cheap, connected versus uprooted.

The corona crisis has raised questions among many people about our contemporary lifestyle and what role food plays in it. During the lockdown, articles regularly appeared on 'how to live differently, consume differently, produce more sustainably'. Local farmers saw their turnover increase, many new customers suddenly saw the short chain light. 

At the same time, especially in the cities, it became clear how a large group of people were dependent on food distribution. 

The news, if it ever came out, was less hopeful and painfully exposed the weak spots in our society. Where one saw hope and the chance to do things differently and better from now on, the other saw themselves sinking deeper into the web of problems. 


In this podcast we, Lisa Matthys and Lotte Knaepen, follow the trail of our food together with youngsters from Molenbeek, who are also in their own way looking for more connection. We explore how food can be the ultimate lever to rethink our relationship with each other and with the planet.


Starting point of this story is 'bled', the place where we come from, our hinterland.

The podcast was supported by Fonds Pascal Decroos

and was published on Apache mediaplatform 

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