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The Survivor

In this video installation, based on a testimony of Jackleen, appears a Yezidi girl held captive by IS. In a landscape (Kurdistan, northern Iraq) which is a picture of idyllic innocence, she talks in a surprisingly calm way about the atrocities she suffered during her imprisonment. The wild flowers that surround the girl show us, just like the mere fact of being a child, the (conceivable) lightness of existence. Her testimony was linked to a ‘sandplay’ session: a therapeutic intervention practice with shapes in a sandbox.

The work is a multi-channel installation with a sandtray in the middle. (see pictures below) 

The work will be exhibited as an installation @ Coup De Ville in Sint-Niklaas in September 2020


About Coup de Ville: The fourth edition of Coup de Ville in 2020 – ‘Chasing Flowers’ – will be a quest for flowers. For the first time since its launch WARP has given the artists a specific theme. The flower is a unique symbol connecting nature and culture. A question is, how we can – through art – create space where not only economical, but also ecological and social values are at stake.

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