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The Museum Of Innocence' is an ongoing project. It is part of 'the collective museum', a participatory 'traject' by KANAL-Centre Pompidou. The work is an art-installation established in different phases and in collaboration with neighborhood children, supported by architects, students, pedagogical institutions, manual workers and the artist herself. It is part of the artist's research on children's play: "The children's way of intuitive creation and building, the innocence of it, stands in contrast with the rational ideas of the architects and the political prestige most museums wishes to radiate. This way, Matthys wants to question the position of a museum and art in general. She wants to invite the public to think about the future of a museum, how an institution can connect with daily life in general and how it can take a position towards the neighborhood & the city itself.

In July and August 2022 the first phase of the project unfolded at Parc Maximilien (see pictures below), which is situated right across from the wharf of the KANAL-museum.


Link to the activity

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