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Sabagiro is a 10 minute video about traveling. In Chiatura, an industrial city in Georgia, inhabitants are still using the old cable car system which was built in the fifties to transport workers around the valley and up to the mines. Today only 20% of the system is still in use. 
In a rusty cabin crossing the valley, people meet, chat or sit still while staff members manage the system with old buttons and handlebars. The video shows the interaction between these people during their daily life in a very unusual scenery.

The video was exhibited at cultural centre at CC Zwaneberg, Heist o/d Berg, at 99 Files/Landscape in Progress @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia and as an installation at 2m3, Brussels in spring 2018 (see pictures below).

Sabagiro was exhibited as a splitscreen installation at artspace 2m3 in Brussels. Two projections, one on the ceiling and one on a projection screen, were communicating. The drawings in the background showed signs and graffiti found on the spot and referring to the mines and past industry.

(Photo's Johan Pijpops & Lisa Matthys)


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