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Play, even if it appears without sense,

Contains a whole world therein;

The world and its complete structure,

Is nothing but a children’s game;

Thus, after the frost thaws

When you look at all that foolish youth does,

You will understand on the street

How the whole world goes;

You will find there, I know it well

Your own folly in children’s games.

Jacob Cats


PLAY! is a trilogy video installation. It is a poetic ode to the free play of children. The games they invent when they are on their own, when they feel free and create their own world. A world that often reflects their daily reality.


It shows children playing freely in three different areas: a rural (Iceland), urban (Brussels) and conflict zone (Palestine). As a triptych video installation this work investigates how children use the space they have and everything that is in it. From wide open nature over a densely populated neighbourhood to a 'temporary' refugee camp: how do they take over these places with their games?


PLAY! is not only a homage to but also a plea for more free play in our overstructured society.

PLAY! was selected for HOMMAGE and exhibited at BOZAR/PMSK in 2016.


Photo's by Katrijn Geeraert


PLAY! was selected for visite film festival @ Het Bos in Antwerp on 25th of February 2018.

Visite is a collage of political, experimental and documentary cinema. Twice a year, De Imagerie invites makers to show their work alongside an inspirational film of their choice. By doing so, they set out to introduce local and nearby makers who address worldly themes in their artistic work. The films appear in different forms and vary in length, approach and time period.




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