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Class War

Class War is a serie of 4 photo's.

The serie is the result of a collaboration between Fondation A Stichting & Sint Augustinus School, Brussels in which she asked schoolchildren to 'play war'. The photo's are inspired on the photo serie 'Kadogos' of Georges Senga's work and his exhibition 'cette maison n'est pas à vendre' at Fondation A in April 2019. At first, you look at beautiful photographs of children who interpret war in a naive, almost romanticized way. It is of course, in stark contrast to the real concept of war and provokes thought about child soldiers in a war situation and the naive play of children ‘playing war’.

The serie was exhibited at Kresija Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia: About 'A veš… you know!?': Four Belgian and four Slovenian emerging artists meet in a pop-up exhibition. The show offers a profound impression of their artistic portfolio. They observe the surrounding space and reality with openness and empathy. Although they express themselves in different media, they share an interest in the fictitious and utopian future of urban and rural landscapes.

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